2During World War II, Isla Iguana was used by the U.S Air Force for bombing practices as part of training of the naval forces but has never been cleared. Nowadays, some existing bombs has not been removed or detonated to not affect the environment. Despite this, it is safe to visit.

It is a wildlife refuge and is the main attraction of Pedasi, because it is the only white sand beach with clear waters in that area.  Snorkeling there is just beautiful and many species of fish can be found; whales also swim around these waters to mate during the month of July to October.

Isla Iguana offers two beaches the main larger beach and the one at El Faro which is a smaller beach with stronger waves and to go from one beach to the other you just have to cross a small hiking trail.


Isla Iguana Tour with Eytbar

$95.00 (1-4 persons)

$115.00 (5-8 persons)

Duration: 5 hours


  • Ice cooler (bring your own drinks and food)
  • Fruits
  • Umbrella

Not included    

Isla Iguana ANAM entrance:

  • $4.00 Nationals
  • $10.00 Foreigners
  • Kids under 12 years old free of charge

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