EmberaMany years ago the Embera which means people, were known as the Chocoes. They’re not generally known to be widely seen in the City as you might see the Kunas, because they have lived deep in the forests of El Darien.

Tourism is important for them who have decided to keep their culture by giving tours in some small communities around Panama City as their way of living.  Music, dancing, talks, handicrafts are some of the thing that you will experience.

Enjoy the ride, it is a window into their lives, culture and way of living.


Emberas tribe Tour

$160.00 (1-3 persons)

$190.00 (4 persons)

Duration (without transportation): 1.30 hours

Departure Panama-City 8 am (45 min)

*if you are more than 4 persons, please ask for a quotation  


  • Transportation from/to Panama-city
  • cooler with ice provided
  • sodas and beers for sale if requested in advance

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