San Blas

This is not paradise, this is heaven

San BlasThe idyllic archipelago of San Blas includes 378 islands (of which only about sixty are inhabited). They are scattered over almost 300 kilometers, off the northeast coast of the Panamanian isthmus, in the Caribbean Sea. The archipelago of San Blas is one of the only autonomous province of the country, the Comarca Kuna Yala, administered by its inhabitants Kuna (also spelled Gunas).

Indeed, the Kuna protect their land against mass tourism despite the increase in tourism over the last few years. You will not see any hotels that spoil the view, not mainly concrete, only bamboo huts or virgin Islands. Its white sandy beaches, clear waters, coral reefs underwater fauna and Kuna people, its culture and molas are a destination not to be missed if you want to get out of your routine, you like adventure, the authenticity and rustic. However, this little paradise is not for everyone, in order you are well prepared, make sure to read our San Blas Islands fact sheet. Be flexible and enjoy the simplicity!

We will liaise between you, our local friends who will organization your transport from your hotel in Panama-City and our Kuna’s friends offering accommodations in Diablo island or Chichime island, fishing tours, cultural and handicraft excursions. Sailing trips through the San Blas Archipelago and to Colombia can be as well organized and if you do not have the time, day tours from Panama-City are also available. We will help you to plan your trip, provide all the advices you need with a personal touch with the objective you have an unforgettable experience in the archipelago of San Blas. Remember, all San Blas islands are beautiful, the satisfaction of your trip will depend on the hospitality of the family, the service provided, the organization and yourself!


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