Desert Island Survival - Life time experience now available in Panama

Desert Island Survival are specialized in marooning people on remote and uninhabited Pacific islands. You will receive survival training on the island before you are cast-away with limited equipment to live out an adventure of a lifetime.

Imagine waking up in paradise to the sound of lapping waves and rustling palm leaves and strolling down the beach for a sunrise swim, to then return to the fire that you started by friction, to roast coconuts that you harvested.

This pristine 277 acres island is located 100 miles off the isthmus of Panama, in the Pacific ocean and forms part of the Pearl Island archipelago. A scattering of nearly 250  islands that are characterized by perfect white sand bays and beaches fringed with coconut trees and dense jungle.

The uninhabited island you will be living on was featured in the first two seasons of Bear Grylls’ The island’



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