Santa Clara

Beautiful sandy beach on the pacific coast

Santa ClaraSanta clara beach is the most famous beach near Panama-City. It is located in the Coclé province and only 110 kilometers from the City. You can go by car or public transportation the beaches are 90 minutes away from the Capital. It is the perfect stop to eat a fresh fish on the Pacific coast or stay overnight or longer before you travel further or decide to stay in the area and explore the others places nearby such as the highlands in El Valle or Altos del Maria.

Although Santa Clara beach is often overlooked by visitors to Panama, it has pretty much everything you could want. It is the longest beach in the area, lovely sand, and a number of restaurants and accomodations. You can rent out your rancho with hammock for the day for around 15 dollars.

During the week, the beach is often uncrowded and quiet however, the weekends or during national day, the beach will be crowded which can still be a good experience for a day at the beach with the locals.


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