Pearl Islands

La Pelegrina pearl is one of the most famous pearls in the world

Pearl Islands

It is called Pearl Islands because the Pearl-producing oyster were a species that was around the Archipelago, the meat was used for food, the shells for buttons.

Pearls have always been a highly coveted jewelry.  Back in time, the Spanish conquistadors found in Contadora a place without similar in the world.  They use the indigean people as slaves divers to collect the pearls. The famous pearl named La Pelegrina  was found in a nearby place to Contadora Island, in the 16th century.

The legend tells that it was found by a slave who was set free as a reward for finding it. Then step into the possession of King Philip II of Spain who gave it to Queen Mary Tudor. Later  ended up back in the possession of the Spanish royalty. In 1969 it was purchased by actor Richard Burton for $ 37,000 and gave it to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor for Valentine’s Day. In 2011 La Pelegrina was sold by Christie’s New York for $ 11 million in a sale of the assets of the late Elizabeth Taylor.  It is a white drop pear-shaped pearl. Currently, it is in a necklace of diamonds, rubies, pearls and others designed by Cartier.

Contadora was developed in 1960 as an exclusive getaway destination for: Elizabeth Taylor, Julio Iglesias, John Wayne, Christian Dior, the Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi, Jimmy Carter and many more. Today the island has a complete infrastructure, paved roads, medical center, grocery stores, restaurants, electricity and water, gas and police station, airport and a ferry service. 

This Island is the most visited one in the Archipielago de las Perlas.  In 2003 the TV Show Survivor filmed one of his season in the Archipelago; the Island were the season was filmed it nowadays called ” Survivor Island”


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