El Valle

The micro-climate Crater Valley

El Valle de Anton, also known as Crater Valley, the largest inhabited volcano crater in the world located within two hours from Panama-City. Come and discover this fertile valley with beautiful mountain surroundings home to Indians living here for thousands of years, cool temperatures, immaculate flora and fauna. El Valle also has some hieroglyphs engraved on rocks. These rocks are located just a few minutes from the town of La Pintada which is the starting point to hike the famous India Dormida trails.

We recommend you to stay for at least two nights or a longer stay as there is so much to see and to do in this valley 600 meters above sea level with perfect micro-climate to enjoy activities such as hiking, bird watching or simply exploring. Do not forget to relax in the local hot springs and visit the Sunday Market which is an excellent place to buy handicrafts but also plants, fruits and vegetables.

The natural beauty El Valle has to offer really worth the trip while visiting Panama.


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