Altos del Maria

Cool mountain breezes

birdaltosaltosAltos del Maria is a private residential community between 500 and 1000 meters above sea level and just 1.5 hours from Panama City and 30 minutes from the beach.
For us, staying in Altos del Maria over our weekends is an escape, fresh air, beautiful natures, trails, canopy towers, lakes, it is like living in a national park and comparable or sometimes better than others mountain places in Panama.

They have done great job in creating easy access to over 10 nature trails (including one along the river) over 1.6 miles in length, more than 12 look-out points where you can see the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans, 3 bird watching towers and an artificial lake has been built at 900 meters above sea level with more than 20,000 fish stocked to attract eagles and other species of birds.

Statistically, over 30% of the 944 species of birds in the country have been spotted in Altos del Maria. For this reason, a large handful of serious bird watchers have made of Altos del Maria their permanent home. But still… travelers can get there (you will need to rent a car) and we can recommend you some cabins through our expat friends living there. There is only one small grocery store and one small restaurant, we suggest you to bring your own food and cook! There is as well a private paved road which goes to El Valle to enjoy the Sunday’s market. We definitely highly recommend Altos del Maria for nature lovers outside the crowd.

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