On the Panama Canal

With our Panama-Canal native friend Miguel


On the Panama CanalOn the Panama Canal your experience begin with Miguel, he was born, raised and still living in a fisherman and farmers little town in La Chorrera. With a big smile on his face he remembers when he was little and how he used to play and swim at the shores of the Lake Gatun; with no clothes.

When he was younger, he worked as a fisherman on his spare time so he could pay his studies and helped his family. Graduated from the university, he started to work for a private company, unfortunately he lost his job in 2006 and then decided to take the risk and  buy a little boat to open a new business.

Nowadays, Miguel is a grown up man, he is a field tester for Rappala and is certified by the ACP ( Autoridad del Canal  de Panama ) for security and transportation of people and tourism in the area of Gamboa and Lake Gatun, he perfectly knows the flora and fauna in the area.

He remembers with joy and sacrifice how difficult was on the early days and his purpose now, is to teach to the new generation his passion and offer his personal service to visitors and tourist of what he knows best… Lake Gatun!

“Panama means abundance of fish, butterflies and trees. Now, I want to introduce others my passion”



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